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Weekly Special: The Gyro Dinner

Announcing an unbeatable special, only @ Gus’ House of Pizza, The Gyro Dinner!

Every day, the Gyro Sandwich, Greek Salad is Just $12.20 As an all-time hidden special just $9.65! No limits, no restrictions, no gimmicks!!!

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Grilled Chicken!

Grilled Chicken Meal

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Fabulous, fast, and delicious Grilled Chicken Meals and Sandwiches! Unbeatable! Only at Gus' House Of Pizza!

For 30 years and counting...marinated with herbs and tastes you love!

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Welcome to Gus’ House of Pizza!


It would be too simple to say that Gus' House of Pizza is just another restaurant. That would be like saying Greece is just another country. Greek cuisine is part of the entire Greek culture. It is also part of Mediterranean cuisine. It is a culture which embodies a desire to live life to its fullest, a determination to achieve your highest goals, and a dedication to friends and family. Can you find all of that during a meal at Gus'? Sure, why not?

Gus Deligiannidis and his wife, Effie, are the owners and founders of Gus' House of Pizza. Our delicious home-style pizza made from an old family recipe, true heart-of-the-Greek-home dishes and recipes, a warm family-type atmosphere, and our friendly service.


We can offer you a traditional American or Greek Menu, from Appetizers to Desserts. We use only the freshest and finest ingredients. We have prepared an extensive list of foods for you to choose from. Choose from traditional American or traditional Greek cuisine.

According to numerous medical studies Mediterranean people, and especially Greek people, have lower risk of heart attacks and low cholesterol levels. It is believed this is due to the wide use of our virgin olive oil in traditional Greek recipes and methods of cooking. Needless to say, we follow these same steps and traditions for our valued customers. Thank you for being our friends and making Gus' a success. -- Effie, Gus, Family and Staff